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    1. MyPlate, MyWins

      There’s more than one way to eat healthy. Let MyPlate, MyWins help you find healthy eating solutions to fit your lifestyle!


      What are MyPlate, MyWins?

      - Learn about the MyPlate, MyWins initiative
      - Find MyPlate, MyWins tools and resources


      FamilyStories from Individuals and Families

      - Watch videos of real families to hear how they make healthy eating a reality
      - See solutions for healthy eating from the MyPlate staff

      ArrowMake Small Changes

      - View animated videos about small, healthy changes to make to your typical meals
      - Read tips to support healthy eating in common dining settings, like buffets and potlucks


      MyPlate, MyState

      - Learn about the MyPlate, MyState campaign
      - Find your state
      - Download materials from the MyPlate, MyState Teacher Toolkit


      -?Obtain tools and resources for health educators


      Get involvedGet Involved

      - Help us spread the word about MyPlate, MyWins
      - Partner with MyPlate