Bee Keeping

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Beekeeping in Tanzania is carried out using traditional methods that account for 99% of the total production of honey and beeswax in the country.

  • Technology used at Gecoso,

At Gecoso we are using a high-tech combination of software and monitors that doesn’t just keep track of your hive’s temperature, humidity, and activity – it lets you check this information from any computer or phone. It’ll also send you an emergency alert if your hive gets blown over – or stolen.


Other Solutions

There are other very cool designs specifically for beekeepers in urban areas designed by Gecoso. The hive spends most of its time at the top of a 20 foot pole, but it can be lowered for inspection. This way it’s accessible when it needs to be, but for the most part it’s kept well above the heads of potential vandals and passersby who are afraid of stings. It also encourages public awareness of and conversation about the importance of bees, something the original seems to be doing very well in most of villages in Tabora where Gecoso assists.